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I figured that EVERYONE should know about EVERYONE so even the mods are putting in info. Here goes it.

Even though I'm a mod...
About You

1.) Name: Jackie
2.) Age: 15
3.) Gender: Female
4.) Location: My house
5.) Describe yourself in however many words you feel necessary: I am me. And you aren't.
6.) 5 Favorite Bands: Green Day, Godsmack, Evanescence, Yellowcard, and Three Days Grace
7.) Favorite Book(s): The Fearless Series
8.) Favorite Quote(s): "OH MY GOD! THIS BLANKET SMELLS GREAT!" or "Here I am, perfect as I'm ever gonna be. You'll see, love me for me."
9.) Favorite Color: red
10.) Where did you hear about us?: Uh, duh! Me and Sam THOUGHT of it. :)
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